Achieve and maintain IBD remission before and during pregnancy for better maternal and neonatal outcomes . . .

Here are top tips from the expert speakers at MCIBD 2023:

1) Most IBD medications can be used preconception and in pregnancy (but stop methotrexate, JAK inhibitors, S1P modulators before trying to conceive)

2) In some cases e.g. fibrostenotic ileal Crohn’s disease, surgery before conception may be a consideration in order to avoid risk of obstruction during pregnancy . . . multidisciplinary discussion with GIs and surgeons is recommended

3) In some cases e.g. medically refractory ulcerative colitis, surgery before conception may be a consideration – discuss potential impact on fertility with J pouch surgery and consider delaying the J pouch surgery until after pregnancy

3a) In patients who have J pouch or who are very likely to require a J pouch, it is important to have an in depth multidisciplinary discussion about delivery method (consider c-section) in order to protect the anal sphincter and J pouch function

4) For IBD patients on biologics, continue the maintenance dosing through pregnancy, there is no need to stop or hold or time the dosing

5) From our patient partner to our health care providers – the most important thing is to LISTEN to our patients and to understand the impact having a chronic illness has on a person as a being @MontanaSkurka