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Having a chronic illness can sometimes be costly. You may need time off work or adjusted work duties. Medications and medical devices or supplies may be costly. There are many resources you can access to help you in finances.

Many people with IBD have concerns about how their disease may affect them financially, and this can become a source of stress when considering becoming pregnant, or while pregnant. 

However there are options available that can help to reduce costs for medications, treatments, and other IBD-related factors. The federal and provincial governments offer financial support through tax credits and savings plans, so it is important to review the eligibility criteria, and in some cases, you may have to apply in order to qualify. You will also require support from your doctor(s) or other members of your medical team in order to qualify for these benefits, such as a letter of support or filling out forms.


Tax credits and saving plans:

Income support programs:

For support with medication and other treatment coverage: